Pressing Restart

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  There’s not a single reason for this, just a collective of stuff I’ll creatively label ‘life’.

Moving from Hong Kong back to London, changing jobs, living somewhere new, travelling to for work, buying a new house and impending fatherhood keeps things relatively busy.

Not only that, I’ve also questioned whether in fact there’s anything left to be said in the marketing industry that hasn’t already been said in the Twitter echo chamber, or whether another voice further muddies what should be embarrassingly simple waters.

But I’m going to sod all that and start again anyway.  I’m lucky enough to be  exposed to some brilliant thinking, ideas and creativity (as well as a lot of frankly rubbish stuff too) that I want to share, consider and build upon without over complicating the way we think about building brands.

It’s difficult to know where to start after such a long time of not writing anything.  But I guess I should just start by starting.

Now the question is as I’ve ‘publicly’ announced my attention to blog more, am I more likely to do it?  Research would suggest not, but as hardly anyone would take any notice if I did anyway I’m not sure it really matters either way.  Read more about that here:

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